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Submitted: May 19, 2023 | Approved: June 06, 2023 | Published: June 07, 2023

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DOI: 10.29328/journal.ijpra.1001059

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Alkylation reaction: An essay for Nobel Prize

Widastra Hidajatullah-Maksoed*

Prodi of Physics, University of Indonesia, Depok 16424, Indonesia

*Address for Correspondence: Widastra Hidajatullah-Maksoed, Prodi of Physics, University of Indonesia, Depok 16424, Indonesia, Email:

It was pyrite from Congo which conducts electricity but cannot store it as the existing event of catalytic nanomotors. Herewith provided discussion and description from nanodiamond contained in meteorite to alkylation reaction any catalytic nanomotors proposed to enhance the built-in DNA-wave biocomputer.

We found chondrite meteorites in primitive types of space rock.

The catalytic nanomotor-retrieved-synthetic nanomotors were propelled by the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide when activated by ultraviolet light [Ibon Santiago: “Self-propelled nanomotors” – unknown year]. They do not require external electric, magnetic, or optical fields as energy, whereas their relationship to alkylation, accompanied by hydrogenation and oxidation, was found in [1]. It left as a question between nanomotor, the magnetic field that is not required & nanomagnet then sought [2]. For naturally occurring nanocomposite found in 0.5Fe0.5 Ni metal-bearing meteorite coined as “cloudy zone”.

For 3106.7 ct Cullinan diamond, we found CM/chondrite meteorite for nanodiamond and “pristine”: example of a primitive type of space rock inclusively Xenon isotope identification. Noble gases are tracers of choice for understanding nucleosynthetic heterogeneities in solar system materials, and studies have identified several nucleosynthetic end-members for noble gases, attempting to establish a link between these end-members and pre-solar grains (SiC, nanodiamonds, etc.) [3]. We have studied the Fukunaga cube model approach in the study of NdFeB nanocomposite magnet pointing A. Fert & P. Grundberg [2007] analytically by process & causal. We have submitted the “Pristine & Fullerene between Hasselmann & van Hasselt” manuscript to explain the “pristine’ and Nobel Prize in Physics winner last year and an area postcode 3500 in Belgie [4]. The Ka’aba of Moslem pilgrimage is an example of a meteorite maybe containing nanodiamonds.

For the nanomotors, also ever proposed to adopt the characteristic of pyrite from Congo (David Rickard, 2015) to conduct electricity but can not store charges. Common phenomena of electricity are lightning, static electricity, electric heat, electric charge, etc. To substitute the still-use of laser – that converted to the radio-frequency range – in DNA-wave biocomputer, the computer is faster & more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer – TianHe, super-Cray, etc. – ever built.

Of Neural Decoding: discrete & continuous variables for voltage-gated ion channels as a class of multimeric transmembrane proteins with a hydrophilic ever sought “a minimum set of supramolecular entities include: membranes of varying composition & physical properties; rigid particles or shells; hydrophobic, hydrophilic or amphiphilic polymers- Shillcock & Lipowsky, Biophysical Reviews & Letters, 2007.

In terms of reference of ‘static electricity in quasi 1-(DMET)2I3, many types of nonmolecular forces include cation-anion (ionic bound), hydrogen bound, dipole-dipole, cation-Pi, ion-dipole, cation-Pi, ion-dipole, Pi/aromatic stack, and London(dispersion) forces.

Follows alkylation herewith Yao-bingHuang, et al.:” Hafnium-doped Mesoporous Silica as Efficient Lewis Acidic Catalyst for Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Reactions in Nanomaterials” [5]. Excerpts Friedel-Crafts alkylation by fluorapatite alone are in-conjunction between natural/synthetic monocrystal whereas “the fluorapatite mesocrystals with gelatin as the structural matrix are an example of monocrystal with a complex hierarchical structure, self-assembly of the nanocrystal can also result”-Bergstroem, et al. .

“Mesoscopic simulations allow in silico experiment be easily & cheaply performed complex, soft materials requiring as input only the molecular structure of the constituents as a coarse-grained level”-[ibid,p-33], described whereas completing “representative diblock copolymer compose of H24C40, in which 24 hydrophilic monomers are connected in a linear chain to 40 hydrophobic monomers” are uses of DPD/Dissipative Particle Dynamics as well as SCFT/Self-Consistent Field Theory instead of DFT.

The model has length and time scales of ~ 100 nm and a few microseconds using a coarse-grained MD or DPD, [Shillcock&Lipowsky, p.51], compared to Fritjof Nansen and Fritjof Capra, also proposed by R. William Hefner, Dr.- Boston University Anthropologist, for Nobel Peace Prize winner 2019 for Indonesia ever failed Robert Wexler’s 2006 nomination.

Fritjof Capra wrote “The Turning Point” underlying the major problems of humans – cancer, crime, pollution, nuclear power, inflation, and energy shortage – in topics ranging from ecology through medicine and psychology to economics. Capra quotes I Ching: “After a time of decay comes the turning point.”

Considering the reason for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Republic of Indonesia is for a dispute solving between GAM-Gerakan Aceh Merdeka/Liberation Aceh Movement & the Republic of Indonesia but without weapons instead of a deductive man-made earthquake, we admit “Fritjof” & Fravke Skudelny referred by Sabrina Bruyneel, 2006 to Pierre Sané of postscript-scripture for the origin of Russian Federation- Chechen Republic.

Great thankfulness to Mrs. Piet Wiryawan, SH for funding and Mrs. Dra. Hj. Djuharti, a very kind Teacher at SMPN V Bandung secondary school.

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