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Modeling of low calorific gas burning in a deficient oxygen environment and high-temperature oxidizer

Jan Stąsiek*, Marcin Jewartowski, Jacek Baranski and Jan Wajs

Published: 15 March, 2023 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 027-034

It is planned to carry out a comprehensive experimental and theoretical study on the high temperature of low calorific gas combustion with oxygen-deficient oxidizers. The experimental research will be performed using the experimental facility with a combustion chamber. The oxygen concentration in combustion oxidizers will be varied from 21% by volume (normal) air to 2%. The test combustion chamber will be fed with propane or methane as the reference fuel, then with low calorific fuels as test gases obtained by mixing various combustible components, e.g. H2, CH4, CO, and neutral gases, e.g. N2, CO2. Gaseous fuels prepared in this way will be burned in the atmosphere of a deficient oxidizer with a temperature changing from 800 °C to 
1100 °C. Oxidizers will be heated up to a certain temperature using two methods: by flue gas heat exchanger and kanthal rod electric preheater. Different burner geometry will be used. The burner will be equipped with annular swirl vanes for co-axial or under different angles, fuel, and oxidizers flow to have a high swirl number achieved by flow aerodynamics and mixing. Experimental data will be verified with numerical simulations with the use of ANSYS CFD Fluent code.

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