Review Article

Spin supercurrent in ecology

Liudmila Borisovna Boldyreva*

Published: 03 April, 2023 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 057-067

Background: This work aims to show that the process of transfer of angular momentum ‑ spin supercurrent ‑ may provide the fulfillment of the fundamental law of ecology: “Everything is connected to everything else”.
Results: The conducted investigations are based on the following properties of spin supercurrent: the equalization of the characteristics of interacting objects’ spins; dissipation-free; inertia-free (it is not accompanied by the emergence of kinetic mass); superluminal speed (there is no contradiction with Special Relativity, as Special Relativity postulates the speed limit only for an inertial process). 
The spin supercurrent emerges between virtual photons having a spin and being created by quantum objects of different types: living and non-living, electrically charged and neutral, magnetized and non-magnetized, having non-zero rest mass and having zero rest mass (such as photons). 
Conclusion: It is shown in this work that the properties of spin supercurrent may determine the following phenomena in ecology: the mimicry of animals and plants; the contactless (without living pathogenic microorganisms) spread of epidemics; the influence of the terrain relief on the population longevity; the use of water as information matrix; the stabilization of energy in the Earth’s core. Since the spin supercurrent possesses such properties as dissipative-free, superluminal speed, the non-electric and non-magnetic nature, it may perform interaction (quantum teleportation) of quantum objects between the Earth and Cosmic bodies. Thus, the extension of the biosphere’s border to Outer Space is possible.

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Ecology; Spin supercurrent; Virtual particles; Mimicry of animals and plants; The memory of water


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