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Room temperature organic superconductor compound prediction based on fractals in mesoscopic-scale regime

Widastra Hidajatullah-Maksoed*

Published: 17 May, 2023 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 095-097

Based on paraffin-wax include, volcano-based antimony-bearing, phospholipid, antimony found in gold deposit and TIPSb/triisopropylantimony ever predicted as the room temperature organic superconductor compound. Many flourishing explanations have been declared, from variational method to inductive deduction, with all indicating the presence of C9H21O3Sb.PBr6.
We consider that aplications in mesoscale regime, at least when using multiscale fractal of critical parameter that affects physical & chemical properties and to adopt “mesoscopic scale” ever stated as “superconductors” by Holmvall (2017). Then the mathematical induction of variational method of exploitation on integers & natural numbers herewith paraffin-wax etc can be resembled the ever built antimony containing compounds to keep the realm of predictions.

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Paraffin-wax; Variational method; Fractal; Mesoscopic physics; Triisopropy lantimonite


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