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Probing nuclear equation of state with the cdm3y version of B3y-fetal effective interaction

Ochala Isaiah*

Published: 24 May, 2023 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 098-114

This paper is a study of the nuclear Equation of State (EOS) of cold nuclear matter with the B3Y-Fetal effective interaction in its CDM3Y density-dependent version within the framework of Hartree-Fock approximation. The well-known saturation properties of both symmetric and asymmetric nuclear matter are well-reproduced in this work. Using the CDM3Y-K approach, this study has evolved a new set of user interactions, some of which are CDB3Y1-, CDB3Y2-, CDB3Y3-, CDB3Y4-, CDB3Y5-, CDB3Y6-Fetal interactions with corresponding incompressibilities K0 = 188, 204, 217,228, 241 and 252 MeV respectively, in excellent agreement with those of the M3Y-Paris and M3Y-Reid effective interactions. For asymmetric nuclear matter, the new set of interactions has produced the symmetry energy Esym = 32.00 MeV with an associated slope parameter L = 55 MeV at a saturation density ρ = 0.17fm−3 and asymmetry parameter δ = 1.00 (pure neutron matter) in good agreement with the standard values obtained from coupled channel analysis of charge exchange reactions, statistical multifragmentation model and terrestrial Nuclear Physics experimental analyses. Furthermore, the new set of interactions has been found to have bright prospects in a nuclear reaction as the real folded potential computed with the CDB3Y6-Fetal interaction within the framework of double folding potential has been found to be good and similar to that of CDB3Y6-Paris whose optical potential has a repulsive direct component.

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