Literature Review

Pristine and Fullerene between Hasselmann and Van Hasselt

Widastra Hidajatullah-Maksoed*

Published: 20 June, 2023 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 119-120

It was about K3C60 organic superconductors related to a region found in Belgie at least funding & cash case denoted in mathematics dealt with economical realms, instead of econophysics. We also dealt with fusion also discussed in pure mathematics of tensor & Connes fusion as well as µ-catalyzed fusion.
Accompany the ‘the most economical covering of space by sphere’ [the so-called “thinnest covering”] and thus they mainly arrange in a superlattice, - due to the thick organic shell, the orientational ordering of nanocrystals within this type of superlattice is low, therefore this type of crystal is not a monocrystal.

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Van Hasselt; Room temperature organic superconductors; Criminal physics; Econophysics; Tensor; Fusion


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